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Menu of New Fusion Chinese

Legend:  spicy spicy  

Fried Noodle 炒粉麵

Special Combo 特價套餐

Fried Rice 炒飯

Pork 豬肉

Lunch Menu 午餐菜單

Rice Combo Lunch 燴飯

Fried Noodle Lunch 炒粉麵

Fried Rice Lunch 炒飯

Noodle in Soup Lunch 湯粉麵

Rice in Soup Lunch 泡飯

Chicken 雞肉

Seafood 海鮮

Beef 牛肉

Vegetable 蔬菜

Rice Combo 燴飯

Soup 湯

Rice in Soup 泡飯

Noodle in Soup 湯粉麵

Drink 飲品